Haul and Review: Avon foundation, liners and lipies


So I went a little cray at Avon today and got a bit excited with all their promos.


Ideal white liquid foundation in IvoryPink

 I would say this has a light coverage with a dewy finish. So for oily skin types like me, stay clear of this! Plus side is that it has SPF 20/Pa++


Smooth Minerals liner in Iris


Smooth Minerals liner in Indigo

These Smooth Minerals eyeliners are too hard to be used on your water line and too waxy to be used on your lash line. So a total no no!


Mega Impact gel eyeliner in Golden Fawn

A pretty  peachy-pink with gold sparkles. The down side with this liner is that the gold sparkles’ a bit flaky. No to water/lash line but would be great as a all-over the lid color or on your tear dot.


Glimmerstick Chromes liner in Veluxe Blue


Glimmerstick Chromes liner in Ultra Violet


Glimmerstick Chromes in Midnight Flash

I prefer these Chrome line than the original Glimmersticks. I find the color selection is more interesting and the formula of these are a bit different, these are more creamy and easy to blend. But, same with the original Glimmerstick the don’t set in the eyes.

Yes. I am obsessed with lip products.

992788_10151693973354826_1880749394_n (1)

Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick in Perfect Pink


Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick in Nude Perfection


Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick in Silky Peach

Very creamy and surprisingly opaque. It has swirls of balm or something running through the lipstick. Only downside is that they’re super soft so if you store them somewhere hot, it will melt a little and ruin its shape.


Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick in Royal Celebration Rose


Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick in Jubilee Rose


Totally Kissable lipstick in Lacy Mauve


Totally Kissable lipstick in Deep Orchid

For me these is the best formula of Avon lipsticks so far. They’re very moisturizing and opaque and most especially light-weight.


Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact lipstick in Personified Plum

Like the Totally Kissable lipstick it’s creamy and very opaque. But I’m not a huge fan of the glitters.


Extra Lasting lipstick in Always Rose

As the name says, Extra Lasting, it does last a long time on the lips. But I find it a little drying when you have for 5 hours. Creamy and opaque plus it has SPF 15.




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